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Research centres

We host research centres concerned with the management of research programmes and the continuing professional development of community pharmacists in England.

CAPKR's mission is to develop and improve translational research in drug development using a systems pharmacology approach.

Our major focus is on pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism and transport, pharmacodynamics and - in particular - predicting drug behaviour in humans, specifically accounting for variability in drug response.

CPWS undertakes research that aims to describe and understand the employment behaviours and work attitudes of pharmacists and their support staff.

We also conduct research into the settings and organisations that employ pharmacists, examining the relationships between environmental and personal variables.

CPDS specialises in applied research relating to medicine usage and safety.

We also look at policy and programme evaluations of pharmacy organisations and innovative services involving pharmacists.

CPPE is a not-for-profit organisation offering continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for pharmacists.

This centre will aim to improve the prediction of drug efficacy, with the objectives of integrating pre-clinical information on drug exposure, safety and efficacy in clinical studies for dose selection.

NoWCADD is a translational centre funded through a collaboration with AstraZeneca.