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Drug Usage and Pharmacy Practice research group

Our research focuses on the challenges facing medicine use.

These relate to:

  • the growing cost and efficacy of medicines;
  • the complexity and range of conditions they are used to treat in different population groups;
  • the multiplicity of health professionals competing to provide advice and care in a diverse range of public and private healthcare settings.

As a result, our research aims to understand how patients use and respond to medicines, as well as the systems and organisations within which medicines are delivered.

We also look at the health professionals who work with medicines and deliver healthcare services.

As such, our main research areas are:

We have undertaken a significant number of studies that have helped influence government policy and practice since the research group was established 20 years ago. We have also had a major impact on research capacity-building within the profession, with over 40 doctoral students trained.

Many of these have moved into prestigious positions in academia, industry and government, both at home and abroad.

The group comprises researchers from a diverse range of disciplines (including pharmacists, sociologists, and psychologists), and we employ a range of methodologies including surveys, focus groups, interviews, Q-methods and analysis of large datasets.