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Pharmaceutical Sciences research group

Our research in pharmaceutical sciences focuses on the current challenges in drug design and development.

We identify areas that could lead to major advances and where our collective expertise could provide the understanding necessary to develop innovative solutions for the benefit of patients, the NHS and industry.

Drug Discovery and Action

Challenges in this area relate to identifying new disease-specific targets or novel approaches to 'drug' known targets that do not have significant off-target effects and that possess activities that can be readily predicted and monitored to facilitate a personalised approach to medicine use.

Visit the Drug Discovery and Action group page to find out more.

Drug Development and Translational Pharmacology

Challenges in this area relate to optimising drug delivery to target while accurately monitoring and predicting pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics extending to off-target effects that influence patient response and adverse events.

In both cases, the complexity of the disease, the pathogen and the patient necessitates the development of improved models to mimic clinical scenarios, facilitating all points within the drug development cascade from target identification through to safe application in patients.

Visit the Drug Development and Translational Pharmacology group page to find out more.