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Novel therapies, probes and diagnostics

We still do not understand clinical disease biology at a level where all potential targets have been exhausted.

Greater understanding can be gained by integrating standard cell-based approaches with emerging technologies in "omics" and pathway modelling.

This can identify new targets against which rational drug design can be engaged that integrates structural biology, analytical, computational and synthetic chemistry with expertise in target validation within biological systems.

Such approaches are not restricted to conventional small molecule drugs, but also to the development of biopharmaceuticals that target single molecules or complex interacting components of a disease pathway.

Personalised medicine is a goal of pharmaceutical research. This is dependent on integrating advances in both physical and biological sciences to develop probes and diagnostics that report molecular function and characteristics, disease states and the behaviour of therapies within cells.

Molecular probes, combined with quantitative imaging, are being developed for use at multiple points within the drug development cascade, from molecular studies to applications within tissue and whole body systems.