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Microbiology and infection

Microorganisms can be found practically everywhere, including in large numbers and on - and in - the human body, where they cause infectious diseases and also fulfil a protective role.

They are also found in the environment, where their activities and persistence are associated with significant problems, but also with potential benefits.

A central theme of the microbiology group is the in vitro modelling and characterisation of microbial communities, most often as surface-associated biofilms.

Ongoing projects aim to better understand the role of biofilms in chronic wounds, pharyngeal infections and dental disease, and as repositories for antimicrobial resistance.

Expertise focuses on in vitro model systems including the constant depth film fermenter, the CDC biofilm reactor and a variety of other model systems, including several that have been designed and validated in-house and subsequently adopted elsewhere.

The design and validation of representative in vitro models enables us to help industry determine the most effective treatment and prevention strategies at the preclinical stage and thus utilise resources more efficiently